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A Little History

InviBIT Ltd. founded in 2011. However InviBIT’s designing team and founders are working closely together for more than 25 years. Thus, since 1993 we are providing embedded design services for the Electronics Industry.

Our products and solutions have been integrated and hosted worldwide (USA, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Korea and many other countries in America, Europe, Asia and Africa).

What we do?

InviBIT Ltd. is an ISO certified company providing integrated solutions and services for the Electronics and IT Industry. We undertake a wide range of embedded hardware and software development projects in various countries around the world. Our products and solutions have marked a successful presence in more than 15 countries.

Our continuing commitment to excellence and versatility of our solutions led to the establishment of cooperation contracts with the leading and pioneering firms operating in the Electronics and IT industry.

About CiDer

We created CiDer to bridge the gap between depricated caller ID solutions and the modern applications' needs. CiDer is the Ethernet caller ID that was missing!

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