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CIDer - The Ethernet Caller ID that was missing!

We created CiDer to bridge the gap between depricated caller ID solutions and the modern applications' needs. CiDer is the Ethernet caller ID that was missing!
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Increase revenue

Increase revenue

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Enable the Delivery module or give an Add-On feature to the solutions you provide. Enhance your application to improve end-user's experience and to attract new customers. Extend a helping hand to your customers and both take advantage of it!
Yes! We got it!

Yes! We got it!

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Happy You!

Happy You!

Stay Away from Troubles
CIDer creates and sends UDP/IP messages containing all caller's information (Line No, Date, Time, Phone number, Name). Listening to the appropriate network port allows any device connected to the local network to catch up with all the broadcast messages.

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Happy Customers

Happy Customers

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Engage your customers. Stop asking "Who is calling?" and let your customers feel that you truly understand their needs on a deeper level and that you have a deep knowledge of "Who is".
Rise sales

Rise sales

Never miss a Call again
Is your phone what helps you keep business coming in? Never miss a call again! Ask your Retail System supplier to indegrate the CIDer to your POS.
Business Planning

Business Planning

Improve your Performance
Knowing who is calling enables you to keep all the necessary information for each individual customer. Arrange neatly your schedule and serve your customers consistently.
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  • CIDer is a caller ID standalone device which monitors simultaneously two (2) independent phone lines and forwards to the local network (LAN/WAN), the collected data. More precisely, the CIDer bears 4 phone-line (RJ11) connectors and can be connected in parallel to the existing phones, such as a common answering machine. Thus, istallation on the existing phone lines is easy and not any extra complicated cabling is necessary.

    CIDer undertakes to pick and aggregate all the information sent by the landline network, any time an inbound call happens. Then, it initiates a UDP/IP message with the caller’s information and broadcasts it to the local network. This message can be received from any device connected to the local network.

    Install the CIDerApp to any terminal you wish to show pop-up or notification windows and get to know who is calling.

    To download the CIDerApp software go to the "Downloads" section 

    • Delivery and Over the Phone Orders
    • Fake Accounts Οbstruction and Secure Account Recovery
    • Fraudulent Transactions and Fake Orders Elimination
    • Anti-Spam Applications and Robo-Calls Blockers
    • Customer Support Services Centers
    • Inbound and/or Missed Calls Management Systems
  • Model / Description    CIDer / Ethernet Caller ID
    Manufacturer / Country    InviBIT Ltd. / Made in Greece
    Power Consumption
    (Standard USB 2.0 Micro-B Connector)
    Protocols supported    All FSK Based [Bellcore GR-30-CORE, SR-TSV-002476, TIA/EIA-716 and ETSI 300 778-1]
    Line 1 (L1)    2x RJ11 connectors to parallelize the CIDer with the first peer (phone, answering machine, call center etc).
    Line 2 (L2)    2x RJ11 connectors to parallelize the CIDer with the second peer (phone, answering machine, call center etc).
    Ethernet (LAN)    Standard Ethernet connector (RJ45) with network activity indicating LEDs. Use a common Ethernet cable to connect CIDer to the local network.
    Indicators    1x Power LED, 2x Inbound call LEDs
  • CIDer creates and broadcasts UDP/IP messages containing the prenatal caller’s details exactly as they are served from the landline phone provider. Specifically, it sends the following details:

    • 1.  The phone-Line’s input number (L1, L2)
    • 2.  The Date/Time of the inbound call
    • 3.  The caller’s phone number
    • 4.  The caller’s name and/or other details (Call centers or MDMF)
    • 5.  A Checksum byte at the end of the sequence for validity check

    Below is presented an example of a UDP/IP packet content referring to an inbound call at Line 1 (L1) where the caller’s phone number is 6999 123 456 and happened at 14:05 of 15/01.

    "CID_L1  01151405  6999123456"

    For further details regarding the message format please refer to the Integration Guide.

How it works?

How it works


Download CiDer-Pack


CIDer-pack is an all-in-one file. Product's Brief, Quick Installation Guide and CIDerApp are all a click away!


CIDer in Brief
Quick Installation Guide
Integration Guide (for Developers)



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